Trying to solve problems with russian text

Almost all the text at this WWW site is in Russian, encoded in accordance with russian standard charset KOI8-r (RFC1489). So in order to be able to read it You have to install russian KOI8 support beforehand.

Ну, вот и хорошо, текст читается, значит с руссификацией порядок.

If the previous paragraph is not readable, You have not russified Your application yet... Try to follow these instructions (``How to do russian localization'') by Andrey Chernov.

If You wonder whether do we know about more different russian codepages, well, we shall answer:

KOI8-r is the only standard codepage for russian. If you use ugly d'bill-gates adepts' ``inventions'' (cp-866 & cp-1251), then use them on your own risk and don't claim.

одна лишь КОИ-8

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