The 5-th International Festival
of Computer Graphics and Animation

The 7-th International Conference
on Computer Graphics and Visualization

Moscow, May 21-24, 1997


Dear Sirs,

We invite You to take part in the 5th Moscow International Festival of Computer Graphics and Animation ``ANIGRAPH'97'' which will be held on May 21-24, 1997, in Moscow, International Trading Center (Congress-Center), Krasnaya Presnya.

The Festival ``ANIGRAPH'' is the unique cultural, scientific and educational event in the field of Russian computer graphics and animation and those high-end technologies which have been widely used in the very different spheres of human's activity. That's why the Festival is supported by a range of such state and public structures as

The Festival ``ANIGRAPH'97'' will be an anniversary one, so the Organizing Committee has been preparing the very interesting, extensive and vivid program. This year the program is significantly extended with such new trends as International Scientific Conference ``GRAPHICON'', Internet as a field of using the computer graphics, professional advertising, multimedia systems with a separate contest of CD-ROMs' producers etc. The trends connected with television, filming and professional equipment will considerably increase. All of this is provided with an active participation and support of such structures as

and many more.

The Festival ``ANIGRAPH'97'' is widely advertised in the press, radio and on the TV. While preparing the Festival there are presentations of the computer graphics facilities for the different professional groups:

These events are advertised on the pages of the leading public and computer magazines, as well as on the radio: and TV: and regional TV studios and the studios of the cable TV.

The dynamic development of interest to these technologies is confirmed by the annual successes of Festival ``ANIGRAPH'', the steady growth of number of its participants, visitors and guests. In comparison to the first Festival the number of participating companies has grown seven times as much, up to more than 130 companies, and the number of visitors - four times as much, up to more than 22,000 of people. Among the traditional participants there are the world leaders in computer graphics and animation:

and so on.

Among the Russian participants there are leading computer firms, computer graphics studios, TV-studios & channels, design-centers, advertising agencies, universities and research institutes. Here are:

The Festival is so unique since it gives the opportunities to the specialists working in technical, scientific, business and educational fields of meeting each other to share the experience, knowledge and opinions with the people of creative professions working in the art field. From this point of view the social and professional range of the participants and guests is particularly interesting. Among them there are artists, animators, administrators and specialists from educational institutions, film- and video companies, publishing and printing enterprises, teachers and students, producers of film- video- and computer technics, software developers, writers, critics, advertising and marketing specialists, the press and electronic mass media representatives, engineers, architects and so on.

The structure of "ANIGRAPH'97" includes the following events:

The program of "ANIGRAPH'97" includes the following trends of using the computer technologies and computer graphics:

We would be very glad if You decide to take part in the Festival. We beleive that the participation of Your company will enable You to demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of film-, video- and computer equipment and software, to strengthen Your prestige, help to acquire new partners and widen the markets on the territory of CIS.

Chairman of the Festival Management, V.Loshkarev
Festival Director, E.Lavrenko
GraphiCon Programme Chair S.Klimenko

The Fifth Moscow International Festival
of Computer Graphics and Animation
``Man - Computer - Art''

Terms of Participation

Any Russian or foreign organization, company or private person is considered to be the participant of the Festival provided that the registration form is timely submitted, and the registration fee is paid. The payment of the registration fee grants the participation of one representative of the Company in the Festival. The participant receives the permanent pass which provides access to all events of the Festival (exhibition, conference, seminars, round-table discussions, the competition of film/videoworks, video computer lessons, social program, opening and closing ceremony), to the complete set of the advertising materials, as well as the right to place the Company info in the catalogue of ``ANIGRAPH'97'' participants (name, address, phone, fax and the brief outline of the Company's activities (maximum 5 lines). The detailed information about the Company's activities and ads may be placed for additional fee. Information is to be submitted in the electronic form.

All the representatives of the Company taking part in the Festival should obtain accreditation. Registration fee per one participant is $50.

Those who paid the registration fee after March 20 are deprived of the right to place their ads in the catalogue.

Terms of Participation in The Exhibition
of Video-Computer Technologies & Multimedia
and in the exhibition of the Computer art

The Company wishing to take part in the exhibition should forward the registration form and the copy of payment invoice to the address of the Organizing Committee claiming itself as a participant. The registration forms submitted less than within 45 days will be accepted if the vacant space is available only.

The exhibition space is rented for the period of assembling, running and dismantling the exhibition. The rental charge for the exhibition stand includes the cost of:

The minimal size of the rented exhibition space is 9 sq.m.

The Company-Participant should pay:

  1. The registration fee for the Company -- $50.
  2. Cost of the rented exhibition space.

Cost of the exhibition space rent for the whole period of the exhibition:

1sq.m of equipped space 1 sq.m of bare space
before 3/1/97 $280 $240
before 4/1/97 $300 $260
after 4/1/97 $320 $280

Cost of one workplace (table, two chairs):

Before April 1--$100,
after April 1--$130

Cost of the open booth rent is 10% additionally.

The deadline for all payments for the exhibition space is April 15,1997.

Terms of Carrying out a Seminar,
Videolesson or Round Table Discussion

The Company-Participant of the Festival may apply for organization and carrying out the seminar, videolesson or round-table discussion on a topic which meets the requirements of the Festival's programme. The decision to include a report into the programme of the conference is made by the head of the section.

The application should contain the topic of the seminar (videolesson, round-table discussion), the supposed themes of reports, brief annotation, duration, the list of the used exhibits and videomaterials, the number of the participants, the Company address, phone, fax, names of the secretary and the coordinator of a seminar from the Company-organizer.

The Company which organizes its own seminar, videolesson, presentation, etc. is provided with the equipped conference hall, and the information about the seminar (videolesson, round-table discussion) is included into the info materials and the official programme of the Festival.

The rent cost for the equipped conference hall, per hour:

Small Conference Hall Big Conference Hall
Before March 10,1997 $180 $230
After March 10 $270 $320

The 7-th International Conference
on Computer Graphics and Visualization

In this year this event of GRAFO Computer Graphics Society will take place jointly with AniGraph'97. As previous GraphiCon conferences G'97 will be held in close cooperation with EUROGRAPHICS Association.

GraphiCon'97 Conference is supported by

GraphiCon'97 General Information

The general plan of GraphiCon'97 Conference includes a programme of invited keynote papers by leading international experts, research and technical papers, panels and specialized workshops.

GraphiCon'97 main directions are:


Each direction will have state of the art reports, research papers and specialized workshops. The international programme committee has the expertise to guarantee high quality in each of these directions. You are invited to submit proposals research presentations, state of the art reports, workshops and panel sessions.

Invited Speakers

The STAR reports will provide the current state of affairs in contemporary research and application areas and will be presented by leading international experts. We expect reports from David Arnold, Martin Goebel, Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, Daniel Thalmann. Preliminary list of topics of STAR reports and panels:

  1. Compression and Multimedia
  2. Interactive Design in 2D and 3D Graphics
  3. Advances in the Algorithmical Basis of Virtual Reality
  4. Advances in Computer Animation and Videotechnology
  5. Computer Animation in Digital Movies
  6. Modeling and Implicit Surfaces
  7. Animation and Morphing
  8. Volume visualization and Texture Synthesis
  9. Procedural Modeling, Texturing and Animation Techniques

We welcome concrete proposals for STAR reports in these field, as well as additional topics. Please contact the IPC co-chairs at or Conference Secretariat before April 15, 1997.

Research Papers

Original papers may report research results, review new directions or address the integration problems of the new media. Application experience with controlled realities are also highly relevant. The following list of suggested topics is given as a guide (not as restrictions):

  1. Animation and Physical Modeling
  2. Color and Texture
  3. Curve and Surface Modeling
  4. Warping and Morphing
  5. Fundamental Graphics Algorithms
  6. Graphics Software and Standards
  7. Hardware,Parallel and Distributed Architectures
  8. High-quality Rendering, Ray Tracing, Radiosity
  9. Illumination and Optical Modeling
  10. Multimedia Information Systems
  11. Object-oriented Technology
  12. Presentation and Graphics Standards
  13. Multi-modal Interaction Techniques
  14. Virtual Environments
  15. Real-time Simulation,Interaction and Visualization

Instructions to Authors

To submit a paper, send 2 (two) copies with a cover sheet containing name, address, telephone, fax and, where available, electronic mail address of the person to whom correspondence should be addressed. This must arrive not later than April 15, 1997. Each paper should contain:

Only black/white images are suitable for publication.

It is possible to send both hard copy and electronic version. The last one should be in TeX/LaTeX (MS Word or PostScript format are also accepted). Photographs: if not embedded in the text these should be clearly labeled with the corresponding figure number and title References: giving full details, including page numbers for cited articles.

The electronic submission is encouraged because of time limits.

E-mail adress can be used for paper submission.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by April 25, 1997. The final version of accepted papers will be required by April 30, 1997. Conference proceedings will be published and will be available at the conference.

International Programme Committee Co-Chairs

Stanislav Klimenko
Institute of High Energy Physics
and Institute of System Programming of RAS.
Yury Bayakovsky
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics
Vladimir Galaktionov
Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics

International Programme Committee

David Arnold (UK) Yuri Lagutin (Russia)
Yury Bayakovsky (Russia) Helen Lavrenko (Russia)
Vitaly Boyko (Russia) Vladimir Loshkarev (Russia)
Judith Brown (USA) Carl Machover (USA)
Steve Cunningham (USA) Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (Switzerland)
Victor Debelov (Russia) Gregory Nielson (USA)
Natalia Efremova (Russia) Timour Paltashev (Russia)
Jose Encarnacao (Germany) Harold Santo (Portugal)
James Foley (USA) Francois Sillion (France)
Akira Fujimoto (Japan) Vaclav Skala (Czech Republic)
Vladimir Galaktionov (Russia) Daniel Thalmann (Switzerland)
Marat Guriev(Russia) Alexander Tomilin(Russia)
Stanislav Klimenko (Russia) Dmitry Volkov (Russia)
Tosiyasu Kunii (Japan) Peter Weltmander (Russia)

Registration fees

per one participant $100
per professors or scientists from state institutes $50
per students $25

The deadline for all payments for conference is April 30, 1997, but it is allowed to pay a fee in cash during registration.

The Conference Secretariat

P.O.Box 33, Protvino, Moscow region, 142284, Russia

Phone: +7 095 187-19-42
+7 095 187-00-88
+7 095 187-19-42
Fax: +7 095 187-19-42
+7 095 187-75-60

Terms of Participation

In the Contest of Film/Video Works

Film/TV/Video works created with the use of modern computer technologies, traditional animation, video special effects and computer graphics may be represented for the contest. The works should be produced not earlier than January 1, 1996 and correspond to the motto of the Festival. The works of the following nominations are accepted:

The contest works will be estimated by a competent jury as the art works, i.e. there will be considered the following criterions: graphics, animation, director's work, artistic design, idea, style, sound design etc.

The materials should be presented on video tapes in Betacam SP, PAL format. Participation in other international and national festivals is not the obstacle for partaking in the Festival.

The final decision on the inclusion of materials in this of that category is made by the selection board.

The deadline for the materials to be accepted - April 15. Inclusion of the materials received later is not quaranteed.

Cost of the participation in the contest per production set of one applicant (maximum 5 sets):

Before March 1, 1997 $75
After March 1 $100

The cost includes the the rent of the halls, editing and copying of the competitive videoworks, cost of video tape as well as the expenses for the organization of the jury work and the preview board.

Contest of Computer Games

The contest of computer games will be held under two categories: ready-made projects (game as a commercial product) and the games under development.

Nominations of the computer games' contest:

The games will be estimated by a competent jury in the aggregate of many parameters: genre conformity, originality of idea, graphics quality, musical and sound design, complexity of fulfilment, etc.

The deadline of submitting contest works is April 1, 1997. Cost is $100 per one game. Cost includes 15 minutes of big-screen presentation and one hour presentation at the Town of Computer Games.

The works are to be submitted as the floppy disks or CD-ROM versions.

Computer Art and Design Contest

Within the framework of the Festival there will be held a contest for the best computer art and design work. The contest work are to be submitted both in electronic form (as a file) and in printed form (color printer, not less than 600 dpi).

All the works will be printed out in a standard form for evaluation by a competent jury of professional artists and designers.

The deadline of submitting contest works is April 1, 1997. Cost is $30 per one work.

Contest of Multimedia Programs

Within the framework of the Festival there will be held a contest of the multimedia programs under the following nominations:

The deadline of submitting contest works is April 1, 1997. Cost is $100 per one program.

Additional Services
for the Participants of the Festival

1. The information and advertising publishing in the catalogue of the Festival:
-- cost of colored advertisement (full page) $1000
-- cost of black-and-white advertisement (0,5 page) $600 / $300
-- additional information about the Company activities $80
(5-7 additional lines)
advertisements and logos:
Cover, 2-nd page $1300
Cover, 3-rd page $1300
Cover, 4-th page $2000
logo on black-and-white pages $100
The deadline for the information and advertising payment to be accepted is March 30
2. The demonstration of the Company's video productions (advertising reel, presentational film, etc.) in the out-of-competition show (not less than 5 shows a day in the show-room) $500
3. Inclusion of the Company's works into the master demotape of the Festival with indication of the Company-producer (the tape will include the films from the competition program of "ANIGRAPH'96", out-of-competition entries and award-winning productions from the previous international Festivals of computer graphics and animation SIGGRAPH, IMAGINA, ARS Electronic etc.) see Apppendix 1
4. The price of the videotape with the Festival materials (4 hours) $30
5. Advertising billboard (1x1 sq.m) and its exhibiton during the events of the Festival $1500
6. Advertising of the Festival's souvenirs should be agreed
7. Advertising/logo in the Festival materials to be distributed (invitations, programme, terms of participation, etc.) within the period of 01/25/97- 05/20/97 $300/150
8. Articles and advertising in the computer press-releases, dedicated to the Festival should be agreed
9. Information and advertising on Anigraph web site ( including Internet-cafe during the Festival
/01/97-05/31/97 $400 per month
/01/97-05/31/97 $500 per month
/01/97-05/31/97 $600 per month
/01/97-05/31/97 $800 per month
10. Equipped conference hall for the Company's presentation
before March 10 (per hour)
Small Hall $180
Big Hall $270
after March 10 (one hour)
Small Hall $230
Big Hall $300
11. Shooting of interviews, presentations, press-conferences, advertising and their placement in the TV programmes of the Festival should be agreed
12. Information/advertising in TV programs dedicated to the Festival (NTV, TV-6, ORT, MTK, RTR) should be agreed
13. The information and advertising materials included into the set of documents of a Participant (1000 copies) $100
14. Distribution of informational and advertising materials through the informational stand of the Festival ( per 1000 copies) $70
15. Telephone placing $300

Please contact the Organizing Committee for more details.

All the prices are in USD.

Payment in Rbls. according to the rate of the date the money is transferred to the Organizing Committee account.

All the prices for extra services after April 20 are increased by 25%.

Method of Payment

For Russian currency transfer:

:    7716107124


/ 1467852 ``''
--2 .
044585230 / 230161800

ޣ :

/ 1467852 ``''
044585230 / 230161800

For foreign currency transfer:

Lambert Insurance Agency, inc
Two Greenville Crossing, Suite 300A, 4001 Kennett Pike.
P.O. Box 4477,
Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware 19807-0477
Account 45211661
with Citibank N.A.-Branch 4
PO 5870 Grand Central STA
New York, N.Y. 10163, USA

For tracking your transfer please send a bill by fax (095) 187-7560 for Helen Lavrenko.

Registration Form

To the Organizing Commitee of the Festival ``ANIGRAPH'97''
ph. (095) 187-3498, ph./fax (095) 187-7560


Brief information on the Company's activities for the publication in the catalogue
(5-7 typewritten lines)

I would like to (please, mark the point you are interested in):
to partake in the Festival (obtain accreditation) for persons.
Indicate First and Last Name:
to partake in the Exhibition of video-computer technologies.
Please specify the space required (multiple 9) sq.m.
to partake in the Exhibition of computer art.
Please input space required (multiple 9) sq.m.
to present the entry in the Competition of film and video works
to present the entry in the Games Competition
to present the entry in the Multimedia Competition
to present the entry in Computer Art and Design Competition
to include the entry in out-of-competition show
to partake in the Conference
to conduct a Seminar (Videolesson) on a theme
to place the advertising at the Festival's events
to place the advertising at the Festival' web site
to place the advertising on the souvenirs
to place the advertising in film/video productions of the Festival
to obtain film/video/computer productions of the Festival

Appendix 1

Dear Sirs,

The Organizing Committee of the annual Moscow International Festival has been preparing a videotape ``The Magic World of Computer Graphics'' which will be launched for the next Festival (May 21, 1997).

The videotape will include:

  1. Presentation of ``Anigraph'96'': exhibition's events, TV reportings, The Town of Games, opening ceremony and awarding the prizewinners.
  2. The clips -- winners of ``Anigraph'96''.
  3. Contest works of ``Anigraph'97''.
  4. Fragments of the demo materials illustrating the latest developments in computer graphics, animation and digital video of the world's leading companies such as Alias/Wavefront, Cambridge Animation Systems, Paradigm Simulation, Chyron, Digital Processing System, Scitex Digital Video , Silicon Graphics, Xaos Tools etc.
  5. Fragments from the top recent movies such as ``Kasper'', ``Death'', ``Dragon's Heart'', ``Jumanji'', ``The Independence Day'' demonstrating the highest achievements of computer graphics and digital editing.
  6. Video clips and commercials from Russian computer companies, computer graphics studios, TV studios, advertising agencies etc.

``The Magic World of Computer Graphics'' videotape will be distributed at all the exhibitions of former USSR countries and at the most important meetings and events of the year in computer graphics , animation and film/video industry fields , at the ``Echo of Anigraph'' presentations as well as at the biggest international exhibitions and conferences on computer graphics (IBC (Amsterdam), NAB (Las Vegas), Imagina (Monte-Carlo), SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles) and so on). The talks are being held with a number of TV companies about the possibility of showing those materials on TV (MTK, RTR, TV-6, NTV).

We would be very glad if You are interested in this project. We beleive that the participation of Your company will enable You to demonstrate Your production, to strengthen Your prestige, to help to acquire new customers and to widen the markets on the territory of CIS.

You have an opportunity to place Your company's materials (advertising reels, video clips, TV vignettes, musical clips, logos etc.) in our videotape.

Cost of video clips one-time use placement
Cost of logo's one-time use placement
70% of advertisement cost

In case of repetitions the following discounts are available:

for3repetitions--- 35%
for5repetitions--- 50%
for10repetitions--- 65%

Every Company placing its materials in this video tape gets free videotape and will have the right for additional discounts in the subsequent releases.

Cost of video tape is $30, purchase of 5 and more tapes provides 10% discount.

The terms of accepting the orders for placing the materials are before April 15.

Video materials are to be on video tapes in Betacam or Betacam SP (PAL).

Payment in USD or in Rbls. according to the rate of the date the money is transferred to the Organizing Committee account.

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Sun, 06 April 1997, MSD.